President Reflections
Posted on May 31st, 2013

As I celebrate this club's fast track growth pattern and all the business partners and friends who have helped us along the way, I reflect on this great group of club members. These people with such positive friendly spirits whose warm hands of friendship have helped this club quadruple it membership and more since its birth in mid-2011.

Why the steady growth? I think it centers around integrity and friendship. We tend to associate with people we trust and buy services from people we like. Yes, our Club needs to offer undeniable value to its members--and it does.  And yes, rallies need to be of such a high quality that attendees are quite happy with the registration fee they contribute to the rally's expenses. And boy are they ever worth it!
But the bottom line is, this club is authentic, genuine and of unquestionable integrity in all we do and say. We club members are here because the Club is attentive to our needs, fosters an atmosphere of friendship, and offers great benefits and resources. We members love to share time, interests, and travels, and to form Friendships with like minded recreation enthusiasts. We treasure Friendships formed sitting coach-side or at a rally. That warm spirit of fellowship and camaraderie always enjoyed with CCFI Friends makes it well worth the annual membership fee.
I am privileged to call nearly 250 coach families (over 500 of us now) fellow CCFI members, and that number grows each week! JOIN THE CLUB! JOIN THE FUN! Rallies and Membership are open to owners of all motorcoach brands.
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