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Happy New Year from Club President
Posted on Jan 5th, 2015

Juanita and I sure enjoyed the holidays and the time spent with family and friends over the past year. We are excited for more great RVing memories in 2016. Like the upcoming Tucson Arizona event that Jack and Patty Skogman are putting together. If you will be in that area in March, I invite you to get signed up.  Look for the registration information in this issue.
     I like to keep my eye on the motorhome industry news and it sure looks good for the coming year for our RV Business Partner/Friends. Winnebago Industries just purchased Country Coach Corporation in Junction City with intent to build a Country Coach motorhome again. Marathon and Forest River manufacturers are busy in Coburg and Harrisburg. is posting optimistic 2016 projections with RVIA President Frank Hugelmeyer reporting he is optimistic about both the short and long term prospects for the RV market. The RV industry’s shipments will reach 375,100 units in 2016, a 1.6% increase above the projected 2015 total of 369,100, according to a new forecast from RVIA. It’s a great indicator for the continuing recovery of this great industry.
      We thoroughly enjoy this mobile lifestyle and the great friends we've made since we joined the club. We look forward to the coming years when we work less and travel more! According to the market predictions many new motorhome owners will join us on the roads of this great nation in the coming year.  We invite you to come see us at a Country Coach Friends Rally! It's the best of times.
      Happy New Year and travel safe, John and Juanita
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