• Where are you rallying?
    Registrations and information are also posted on our home page under Upcoming Rallies. You may sign up for a rally online, or by mailing in a completed registration form (under Upcoming Rallies) and sending to PO Box 400, Junction City OR 97448 along with you payment.
    Upcoming Rally Opportunities are also always listed in the Country Coach Friends ENewsletters. Do you receive the enews currently in your email? You can signup for it today. Send an email asking to be added to the distribution list and you'll begin receiving the Friends to Friends eNews in your inbox. You can catch up on all past issues by clicking on NEWSLETTERS.
  • Where is your office located?
    As a truly virtual office, there is no stick, brick and mortar building to stop by. However, the Club President welcomes your call anytime (phone number published in each issue of Friends to Friends eNews). Have club questions, topics you’d like addressed in upcoming newsletter issues; need advice on a good service center or parts resource, or for that matter anything else?  Contact Country Coach Friends Inc. We are here for YOU.
    Club Address: POB 403 Harrisburg, OR 97446
    Club Email: countrycoachfriendsinc@yahoo.com
    Club Online: www.countrycoachfriendsincorporated.com
    General Questions: cruznboozn@yahoo.com (Club President)
    Membership Questions: marybro7@yahoo.com (Secretary)
    Rallies Questions: jerryobus@aol.com (VP Events & Promotion)
  • Who offers a first free year membership when I buy a coach?
    Premier RV of Oregon, Junction City, OR www.PremierRVServices.com
    Oregon Motorcoach Center, Eugene, OR www.oregonmotorcoachcenter.com
    Kenai Coach, Junction City, OR www.kenaicoach.com
    Olstrom Custom Coach, Tucson AZ www.olstromcc.com/

  • One must be a member of FMCA to join CCFI. What is Family Motor Coach Association?
    Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA) is an international organization founded in 1963 and comprisesd of families who own and enjoy the recreational use of motorhomes. FMCA is a member-owned association that maintains its headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio and employs a full-time office staff. FMCA is governed by volunteer officers who are elected from within the ranks of the association. Country Coach Friends Incorporated is an International Chapter of FMCA. CCFI Bylaws do require individual family members of CCFI also to maintain their membership in good standing with FMCA. FMCA offers a robust list of member benefits. Learn more at http://www.fmca.com
  • What is the purpose of Country Coach Friends Incorporated?
    Are you looking for a motorcoaching owners community that is too busy helping each other, exchanging ideas & resources, and frankly quite simply having fun to get bogged down in politics that some nonprofits find themself consumed with? Country Coach Friends Inc is all about enjoying our motorhomes and our mobile lifestyle!
    Rally Fun ~ Friendship ~ Exchange of Information and Resources to enhance the lifestyle--Quite simply that is why CCFI was founded in June 2011.
    What you can expect?
    Quality Rallies; Relevant Information on Parts/Service Providers Nationwide; Exchange of motorhome information; Member benefits and discounts from business partners nationwide to enhance members' motorcoach ownership experience
    This motorcoachers social club is an Oregon non-profit organization and international chapter of Family Motor Coach Association.
    The Club publishes Friends to Friends, an electronic newsletter, always news you can use --upcoming  rally info,  organization news, and always full of technical information on motorhome care and maintenance.
    The website is a vital link of communication between the club and its members. The Club maintains a Yahoo Owners Group Form, JustCountryFriends, which is a great place to share information, recommendations and travel experiences with fellow motorcoachers nationwide!
    The club is well-known for its care and friendship extended toward one another.
  • What makes Country Coach Friends Incorporated different from area chapters of Country Coach?
    At CCFI rallies expect to rally in new places throughout the United States.  As a Club with a larger scope, we are fortunate to partner with businesses nationwide. Receiving generous rally support from businesses across the country helps keep rally registration fees as low as possible without compromising on the quality of your rally experience.  We love our sponsors and are most grateful for their ongoing support of our rally events.

Club Officers
  • I would like to serve as a CCFI officer? How do I volunteer for that?
    Election of officers takes place every two years (or every year if a one year term is expiring) and at that time the Nominating Committee would be happy to hear from you.  The officers of CCFI have a two year term limit and can only run for a third if there is no other candidate willing to run. 
    *If you know you're ready to serve, it would be great to just drop an email here at the site on the inquiry form and let us know...there are a lot of opportunities to serve other than the elected board positions. We love volunteers!

  • How do I pay my dues?
    The Club Treasurer will email an invoice for $75 to all club members in June of each year.  The invoice can be paid online or by paper check mailed to CCFI, POB 403, Harrisburg OR 97446.

  • How do I register for a rally?
    Online or on paper.
    To register online, click on RALLY REGISTRATION on the left side of the HOME page.  After you have submitted the requested information, the Club Treasurer will send you an invoice by return email.
    Register with a paper form, click on the link for forms and you will see a Rally Registration form.  Print it out and mail with your check as indicated on the form.  You also will find rally registration forms in each issue of FRIENDS TO FRIENDS, a monthly e-publication from CCFI.
  • How many rallies are you planning per year?
    We typically have two rallies per year, some times three rallies. If you have recommendations about great areas or event facilities that would be great for future rallies, we welcome the input! Let us know!
  • Will you have vendors at your rallies?
    We love vendors!  Vendors are interested in showing their products to our members.  Depending on the rally location and the agenda the Rally Host/Area VP has planned some rallies WILL have more vendors than other events.