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Update from John - Club President
Posted on May 11th, 2018

We have heard the adage many times April showers bring May flowers, and if you were in Texas for the Spring rally thre were certainly an an bundance of beautiful Spring flowers. Those blue bonnets are something to behold.
Next on the rally schedule is our annual Friendship Rally in Coos Bay Oregon. We love to come home to Oregon where all Country Coach brand motorhomes were originally manufactured in Junction City, Oregon. It is also where our club was founded and holds a special place in our club for that very reason as well.
Make your plans to join us in Oregon for a great time on the beautiful Oregon Coast. You can register online for your convenience here at our club website or you may complete the registration form in the club e-newsletter.
June is Renewal Month for our club membership dues. Jim Elder, our treasure will be sending out renewal invoices via email soon. Be watching for that will you please, and send it back with your renewal payment at your earliest convenience. This is your club and we don’t want to lose even one member.
This issue has a lot of good information in it as usual and we want to take a moment to thank every advertiser found within its pages.
We would also be remiss if we didn’t stop and thank each rally supporter for their generous sponsorships and support of our rally experiences. We appreciate each of them and encourage our members and friends to visit these businesses when you have need of their services.
Enjoy your travels, may your have blues skies and safe travels. See you in Oregon soon!
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