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Welcome to Country Coach Friends Incorporated, a Growing International Family Motor Coach Association Chapter of Country Coach owners and Other Brand motorcoach owners nationwide! Founded on Friendship near where all Country Coach motorcoaches were originally built, rallies are held coast-to-coast. Rallies offer that consistent quality experience many remember from pre-Country Coach manufacturer's closure, only now by necessity on a smaller scale. Member Benefits: discounts nationwide on services, parts, resort stays, your first year club membership free when you buy a coach from select dealers and more.  Family Motor Coach Association benefits are enjoyed by CCFI members, too, as membership in FMCA is a prerequisite to membership in this club.  Stay connected via a professionally produced monthly e-newsletter; ask fellow members at the Message Board; meet lifelong friends at rallies. 
Overland Insurance 
~ Upcoming Rallies ~
2017 Friendship Rally
August 15, 2017 to August 20, 2017 at Southern Oregon RV Park, Central Pt, OR
Sign up today for a great summer rally in Southern Oregon. August 15-20, 2017

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~ Breaking News ~
CCFI Solicits YOUR Feedback
Posted on Mar 5th, 2017 Comments (0)
Looking to the future, where do you most like to visit? New York City? Upper Michigan area? Texas Hill Country? New Orleans? Napa Valley? Temecula CA, Las Vegas area? YOUR ideas are most welcome...We would love to hear your feedback.  Just drop a note here at the website through our contact us link on the Left Top of our home page.
Update from John - Club President
Posted on Mar 6th, 2017 Comments (0)
We have been enjoying Port Aransas and the surrounding area at the 2017 Spring Rally at Pioneer Beach RV Resort in Texas! At this rally there has been a great deal of interest in the CCFI Friendship Rally and its location in Central Point Oregon! We're going to have such a fun time in Southern Oregon! See the Registration form in the April issue of the newsletter found here at the website. You can also register right here at the website, or on the form included in the April Newsletter.
Join the club! Join the Fun!  Happy Travels and see you this summer in Oregon!
Thanks to Business Partners Nationwide
Posted on Jan 10th, 2017 Comments (0)
CCFI is grateful for Partners Supporting CCFI Rallies, Advertising in monthly eNews, and offering savings for CCFI Members! Like Premier RV of Oregon, and Premier Motorcoach Services (AZ), and Oregon Motorcoach Center (van conversion purchase) which offer a Free Year Membership when you buy a coach!  Or, Wholesale Warranties with its great warranty pricing deals to CCFI Members! Or Overland Insurance which offers free insurance quotes here online. Or, RV Golf Club which has a 20% discount offer for CCFI! There are 50 + businesses nationwide offering CCFI Members special deals just for showing that CCFI Member Card, too! We love our business sponsors!
$100,000 and counting! CCFI Loves Supporting Charities
Posted on Jul 30th, 2016 Comments (0)
For CCFI (an International Chapter of FMCA), giving back within the communities where club rallies are held is just part of what makes belonging to this motorcoach owners club special.
In fact, they're about to surpass the $100,000 mark in charitable giving within the communities where they've rallied to date since the club was born. Back in June 2011 a group of Country Coach motorcoach owners met along the beautiful Willamette River to discuss an owners club founded on friendship with less bureaucracy.
They formed an international chapter of Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA) and embarked on a fun filled cross country rally adventure that has quickly spanned five years! During that time they made giving back to the communities in which they rallied a high priority. As of the August 2016 rally in North Bend Oregon, their Sixth Annual Friendship Rally, this club will have surpassed $100,000 raised in rally charity donations in its first five years of club's history. All funds benefit worthwhile organizations within the regions where this club held rallies. When Friendship Rally goers meet in North Bend in August, charitable giving will easily surpass the $2,622 remaining to be raised for CCFI to surpass the 100,000 dollar mark in charitable giving to date. The commitment of CCFI motorcoach owners to leaving a charitable mark within the communities they gather in is matched by the economic impact of the club’s visit to businesses throughout the area through goods purchased, entertainment, shopping, RV park stays and coach services purchased while members are in town. 
And the adventure continues. Membership in this fun loving club is open to all brands of motorhomes. Join the fun and meet some great new friends as you explore new locations with fellow recreation enthusiasts. Country Coach Friends Inc. was founded on Friendship with 42 motorcoach owners signing up at the initial rally in 2011. It now numbers over 200 Coach families and Growing! Member Benefits include discounts nationwide on services, parts, resort stays and more. CCFI members enjoy a robust list of benefits from Family Motor Coach Association, too, as all CCFI members also maintain a membership in FMCA.
CCFI Included in links
Posted on Jun 30th, 2016 Comments (0) Thanks RV Business for considering the newsletter a valuable resource.
Friends-to-Friends ENews You Can Use
Posted on Apr 2nd, 2016 Comments (2)
Check out the newest issue loaded with fresh technical info about your motorcoach, rally info, club news, and more under the "newsletter" tab. Need to register for a rally? You'll find registration forms and rally info in every issue. Visit Contact Us  to be sure you get your email on the list. Thanks to the savvy technical writers to contribute to the epublication each month.
Travel and Tourism Link for US States and Territories
Posted on Feb 7th, 2016 Comments (0)
NEED TRAVEL AND TOURISM INFORMATION FOR A PARTICULAR STATE OR TERRITORY YOU'RE VISITING?  Click Here to find the tourism offices for the regions you'll be traveling through.

~ Contributing Club Advertisers ~
Overland Insurance
CCFI has partnered with Overland Insurance for special CCFI pricing on Insurance.
Click quotes to assess the Insurance offers / pricing available from Overland Insurance. 
*NOTE: When you click on the "quotes" link above you will be redirected to the OVERLAND INS quotes page. Scroll down that page you're directed to quite a ways, Be Sure You Click on COUNTRY COACH FRIENDS INC, to proceed on to the Quotes page.
Request a quote at the link above or call Overland Insurance Services at 800-677-4027 to learn more about how you may obtain real savings on your motorcoach insurance. Free insurance quotes at the club website. Be sure to identify yourself as a member of Country Coach Friends Incorporated. (Scottsdale, AZ)

RV Golf Club
RV Golf Club has entered into a partnership with CCFI to offer CCFI members OVERNIGHT RV PARKING in hundreds of gorgeous locations all over North America for one low price.
This has not been available to RV’ers previously. Just imagine thousands of beautiful golf courses all over the U.S. and Canada and all of them have large parking lots that sit vacant every night. RV Golf Club has created a formal relationship with hundreds of golf courses (with more being added weekly) to be RV-friendly partners.
CCFI members can join RV Golf Club for one low yearly fee. You can immediately print out your membership card and VIP parking permit that guarantees you free overnight parking at every one of these incredible properties.
Most of the golf courses also offer RVGC members discounts on golf; in the restaurants and shops and on services, so you are treated like a member.
Additionally, you enjoy FREE overnight RV parking at high-end Resort Hotels where you get to use the amenities just like the people paying hundreds per night for a room. Plus you enjoy 2-nights with full hookups at high-end RV Resorts either for FREE or 50% off.
Special prices and benefits for CCFI members
RV Golf Club has created a special price for CCFI members, plus RVGC is contributing 20% from every new membership to offset CCFI rally expenses.
Just click the photo below, fill in the four boxes and you will automatically receive:
  • The promotional code that will give you a 20% discount off the RVGC membership, should you choose to activate a membership
  • The link that will automatically send a 20% contribution to CCFI when and if you choose to become a member
  • A FREE electronic golf lesson from Dr. Jim Macy, Master Hypnotist “I guarantee this will improve your golf scores”
  • 2 Free RV links that will reduce your RV expenses
 Need more info . . . Click here to visit our website
WHOLESALE WARRANTIES offers great deals to CCFI members for extended coach warranties. If you find it is a good warranty for you there is also a benefit to CCFI by Wholesale Warranties so it is a win-win solution.  Give them a call at 800-939-2806 and announce yourself as a Country Coach Friends club member and ask for a free quote.


Anyone who travels from their home as a vacationer, business traveler, timeshare owner, vacation club member or one of North America’s growing number of recreational vehicle owners.
If you suffer a critical illness or injury while traveling, SkyMed Takes You Home to the comfort of your own doctors, home hospital and your loved ones.
If you have an HMO or PPO, SkyMed Takes You Home to your own coverage area averting potential financial crisis. Very important to Canadians traveling out
of province.
Bonded and professional drivers return stranded vehicles. All this and more, without co pays, deductibles or claim forms. 
If you are interested, click this link!

~ Announcements ~
CCFI is More Than a's a Community
By web coordinator on February 6, 2015
CCFI is THE community in which life long friendships are made. The fellowship enjoyed at CCFI rallies is wonderful. The benefits from nationwide businesses is valuable member benefit. The exchange of ideas and travel experiences, the places to stay, visit, shop, and more is priceless. CCFI is also a great place to come to for information-- a valuable referral and info resource for motorhome owners seeking qualified service providers and parts in particular regions of the country, or coach storage facilities, motorhome dealers who offer pre-loved, gently used Country Coaches and other highline brands for sale, and more. Call the club anytime (951) 675-6252.

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